Carpet Cleaning Balham is an experienced and reliable cleaning agency that can offer you top class cleaning services for your home and office.

– rug cleaning
– dry carpet cleaning
– hot water extraction
– rug cleaning
– spot and stain removal

Are you looking for reliable carpet and rug cleaning services in Balham? Do you want to get the best and most qualitative services for the amount of money you are paying? If the answer is yes, then you are in need of our carpet cleaning services – they are the best option for your office and home, especially if it is located in West London.

We are proud to say that we are the leading carpet cleaning experts in this area and the reason for this is because we have dedicated lots of years of hard work. Many people have asked us the question – what is the key to our success?

The answer is pretty simple, we rely mainly on our experience and extensive knowledge which had been gained thanks to hundreds of hours of work. This is why we are sure when we say that we know how to deal with those dangerous factors for your carpets such as stains, spots, mould, moisture, dirt and so on.

As for the detergents that we are using – they have been specially tested and the chemicals are only top shelf.

Balham is a residential area, located in the western parts of London. The name was initially recorded in 1234. Up to the end of 18th century the area was mainly countryside and fields.

In the 19th century the district close to Uxbridge road and it was pretty important stage coach station. Therefore the urbanization of this area began. Balham became famous for the donkey races that took place there – they attracted hundreds of visitors from all over London.

During the last couple of decades Balham is gaining more and more popularity and the reason for this is probably because there are lots of big chain stores. Reconstruction of big housing estates is also going strong. This is why the architectural face of the place is rapidly changing and it starting to look really great.